Needles by Clover


Using the correct needle for the task at hand makes all the difference and we find with Clover’s extensive range there is sure to be a needle that you like.  Clover needles offer a good balance between hardness and flexibility making them suitable for big and small hand-sewing projects.

The Gold Eye series are perfect for fine quilting and detail work, each pack contains 15 needles and we offer three sizes (No. 9, No. 10, No.12).

The Black Gold series special polish provides less friction than conventional hand-sewing needles giving you better piercing and the ultra thin black plating is for enhanced rust resistance, each pack contains 6 needles (2x No.9, 2x No. 10 and 2x No. 12).

The Gold Eye tapestry needles feature a unique elliptical design for easy threading. They are blunt pointed and nickel plated for smooth sewing.  Use with wool, thick embroidery cotton, aida, ribbons on canvas or open mesh fabrics.  Each pack contains 6 needles.


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