BEAU Yin Yang Collection By Nani Iro


This beautiful collection of black and white fabrics is designed by Naomi Ito, a water colour artist based in Japan and produced together with Maison Grain d’Aile.  The fabrics are lightweight and luxurious making them ideal for a chic project or a special occasion.

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We have picked out 10 of the best from the collection.  There is 2 patterned cotton sateens (Confetti and Cadeau) which have a slight sheen and are the perfect fabric for making tops that you want to be able to wear during the day or the evening.  The linens are lightweight and come in a white Confetti print or 2 versions of the black Peinture à l’eau print.  Lastly there is  3 cotton lawns to choose from, the pretty Lei Nani Noir or 2 versions of the Cadeau which have metallic details giving them just a little more structure than the Lei Nani Noir.

Note these fabrics are suitable for garment sewing but please keep in mind they are 110cm wide




Sateen 88g/m2, Linen 195g/m2 and Lawn 96 to 135g/m2


Sateen and Lawns are 100% Cotton, Linen are 100% Linen


110cm/43 inches

Country of Origin



We like to use Gutterman thread colour 111 with …, … with … and … with .